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Al-Mohanad Al-Battar Company

We are Al-Mohanad Al-Battar Company for General Trading, Public Transport and Oil Services Ltd. and the Office of Scientific Integration. We are now one company and one of the leading companies in Iraq and the Middle East. We start from the top and aim to satisfy everyone.
About us

Al Muhannad Al-Battar Company for General Trading, Public Transport and Oil Services Ltd.

A leading company in providing services to all its customers in Iraq. The company specializes in general trading, trading of oil laboratory equipment, consulting and limited oil services, trading of chemicals used in the oil industry and factories and laboratories of the private sector. It also specializes in providing refineries, factories and companies with monitoring systems for gases and sensors.

Why us?

Al-Muhannad Al-Battar Company is a registered company with

MBC has registered with the :
– Iraqi engineers union

– Iraqi chemicals Association

– Baghdad Chamber of Commerce / d 2 number 17325 / m in 5/11/1992

– Ministry of Interior / Standing Committee c d / 166 in 11/8/2002

– The Ministry of Science and Technology (formerly MIC) book 7012 in 15/3/2002

– Basic Member in the Arab Union of Chemical Industries No. 27 in 6/2/2002

– Approval of the Ministry of Commerce on the company’s participation in the exhibitions that are held at the Baghdad International Fair

– Approval of the Ministry of Oil on participating conferences and exhibitions and licensing rounds in the Ministry of Oil

– Approval of the Ministry of Science and Health, Industry and Minerals participate conferences and exhibitions

– Approval of the Kurdistan region to participate in conferences and exhibitions held there

The company's departments

First: the chemical section

More than thirty years of experience in this field, as the department represented the Office of Integration before it merged and became one of the company's departments, which specializes in the sale and purchase of chemicals at all industrial, oil and petrochemical levels and providing a range of products and solvents that meet the growing needs of the oil and chemical industries The office works on the latest technology in terms of mechanisms, equipment and human resources with creative energies working on import, export and follow-up in warehouses, knowing that chemical stores meet the requirements of industrial safety In view of our growing and continuous ambition to improve the infrastructure of the oil, electrical, chemical and petrochemical industries, health and water treatment, and the establishment and development of laboratories according to international standards The chemical department was established in the company and it has several specialized divisions that support and provide raw materials, additives and solvents for dyes, paints, medicines and detergents laboratories.

Second: import and export

This section has been created to keep pace with the country's need for the latest technology in the field of scientific, laboratory and medical equipment with solid companies in the field of manufacturing and for the purposes of trading equipment, oil and medical laboratory equipment and gas monitoring devices, and to meet the needs of companies and factories with the latest and finest laboratory equipment at reasonable prices, while bearing the responsibility of installing and operating these Equipment and training of cadres of the requesting party inside and outside Iraq. As well as exporting petroleum derivatives, sulfur, coloring, xylene, bitumen paint and thinner outside Iraq.

Third: Department of Transport and Petroleum Services

The department is concerned with transporting chemicals, oil derivatives, solvents, asphalt and some materials used in the industry as well as imported equipment. The department has a large fleet of load and tank cars covered by the industrial safety system to facilitate and speed the transportation of these materials to maintain the reduction of their volatility The department is managed by a staff with competence, ability and experience with these materials and how to store and move, and the department deals with refineries, oil fields, asphalt plants, dyes and coatings, in addition to the private sector laboratories.
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