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We are Al-Mohanad Al-Battar Company for General Trade, Public Transport and Oil Services Ltd. and the Office of Scientific Integration. We are now one company and one of the leading companies in Iraq and the Middle East. We start from the top and aim to satisfy everyone. The company contains the following:
The Chemicals Division is committed to being a regional authority for the import and export of chemicals at all industrial and oil levels and to expand the provision of a range of products that meet the growing needs of the Iraqi chemical industries, since our offices were established in 1990, and we work using the latest technology in machinery and equipment And human resources with creative energies, as well as we work on exporting and importing what we have available in our warehouse with the possibility of direct sales from the main suppliers to customers, knowing that our stores are located in a strategic area in Bab Al Muadham area.
In view of our growing and continuous ambition to improve the infrastructure of industry, agriculture, health, water treatment and the establishment and development of laboratories according to international standards, the chemical department has established several specialized divisions in the support and provision of raw materials and additives for laboratories in these sectors in addition to building materials, dyes and paint laboratories, medicine and food Cosmetics, detergents, plastic materials, in addition to other industries.
Al-Mohanad Al-Battar Company has experience in the field of chemical marketing and oil transportation services in Iraq and the Middle East to the private and public sectors, and marketing to these sectors is one of the most well-known and internationally approved origins of chemicals.

And in order to achieve our goal of establishing and strengthening long-term business relationships, focusing on quality, reliability and experience, Al Mohanad Al-Battar Company provides cover and full support for all projects from planning, promotion, marketing, supply and distribution, consultation and all requirements and complete after-sales services with technical support from manufacturers.
Al-Muhannad Al-Battar Company is one of the most prominent trading companies in scientific equipment and devices in Iraq. It is specialized in the field of marketing and providing a wide range of tools, equipment, devices and laboratories in these areas:
• Laboratories and equipment for analysis equipment
• Physical, biological and chemical research laboratories
Mechanical, civil, electrical, communications and electronic engineering workshops
• Inspection equipment, quality control and environment
• Portable and tabletop examination equipment for materials
Also, Al-Mohanad Al-Battar Company covers all requirements with a high quality of the product as well as equipping classrooms, laboratories and laboratory furniture.
Al-Mohanad Al-Battar Company has equipped many universities such as Basra University, Babylon University and Kufa University. We also have a maintenance team to train and operate equipment and devices.
Division of Transportation and Oil Services Regarding transportation, our company specializes in transporting oil products and all oil services. We have transportation lines for crude oil from Kirkuk refineries to Baiji refineries, as well as transferring fuel oil from Baiji refineries. The company owns a fleet of tankers specialized in transporting silicon bitumen. We also have a fleet of specialized tanks. The company also has an asphalt plant in Najaf, in which we provide all local requirements and market needs.

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